Swamiji’s Sandesh

During Dussehra time, our beloved Swami ji has asked us to read Ramayana. I started reading it and completed in a few weeks time. After that, I started reading Srimad Bhagavatam (still reading). In Bhagavatam, at one point, Brahma ji says that a true devotee should only strive for true Bhakti. Other than Bhakti, he should not even ask for Moksha. I was perplexed by reading this. So, I asked our Swami ji (over phone) about it. Our Swami ji has beautifully explained. In Swami ji’s words – Mann mein Mukthi / Moksh ka ek sankalp jaroor rakhna chahiye… Phir tum apna mann ko shudh rakh ke acche vichar aur acche karam karte raho tho Moksh apne aap milega. How true his words are !!!

Friends, how lucky we are to have Swami ji in our lives. By walking the path shown by our Guru, we can attain even Moksha. I prostrate mentally in front of our Guru’s feet. Om Swami Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha.